Responsible Gaming

Mudahbet is committed to responsible gaming and the prevention of underage gaming.

You must be over 18 years of age to play with Mudahbet.Mudahbet actively monitors for underage accounts. Any accounts found to have been opened by an underage individual will be immediately disabled and any winnings forfeit.
Misrepresenting your age to avoid age restrictions is considered fraud and is a serious offense.

Responsible gamers know how to play and how to win. Gaming is a fun pastime when you set rules and limits for yourself.
At Mudahbet, we seek only responsible gamers as our customers. Online gambling works best when it is one of a number of hobbies that you have. Keep gambling a minor hobby and you will enjoy it for years to come.

Signs of Gambling Problem

You are going over your gambling budget on a regular basis.
You gamble while intoxicated.
You gamble while undergoing periods of stress.
You gamble first thing in the morning.
You gamble instead of partaking in social activities.
You are not able to pay your bills or buy things that you need because of your gambling.

Mudahbet believes gaming is a form of entertainment that shouldn't negatively impact a player's life.Mudahbet offers a self-exclusion service to its players to ensure that gaming does not become a problem within their lives.

If at any time you feel a need to take a break from gaming, please contact Mudahbet Customer Service to de-activate your account.

Please play within your limits.

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